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Listing No. 2205
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $38,900.00
Location: Chesuncook Lake PRICE REDUCED

Listing No. 3072
Listing Price: $40,000.00
Location: Mattaceunk Lake

Listing No. 2255
Listing Price: $50,000.00
Location: Cedar Lake, Long A TWP PRICE REDUCED

Listing No. 2268
Bedrooms One + Loft
Listing Price: $65,000.00
Location: T1R8 WELS

Listing No. 2262
Bedrooms two + Loft
Listing Price: $69,900.00
Location: Endless Lake, T3 R9 NWP

Listing No. 2190
Bedrooms Two plus loft
Listing Price: $79,900.00
Location: Staceyville -PRICE REDUCED

Listing No. 2265
Bedrooms 1
Listing Price: $79,900.00
Location: Pemadumcook Lake - PRICE REDUCED

Listing No. 2275
Listing Price: $82,000.00
Location: Millinocket Lake PRICE REDUCED

Listing No. 2194
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $84,900.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake

Listing No. 2270
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $89,900.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake

Listing No. 2260
Bedrooms Two Full Bed with Loft
Listing Price: $99,900.00
Location: Cedar Lake

Listing No. 2172
Listing Price: $125,000.00
Location: Chesuncook Lake

Listing No. 2213
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $125,000.00
Location: Nesowadnehunk Lake

Listing No. 3076
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $129,900.00
Location: Garland

Listing No. 1202
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $129,900.00
Location: West Branch Penobscot River

Listing No. 2224
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $149,000.00
Location: T11 R16, St. John River

Listing No. 2276
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $159,000.00
Location: Millinocket Lake

Listing No. 2277
Listing Price: $169,900.00
Location: Endless Lake, T3 R9 NWP, Penobscot County

Listing No. 2237
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $177,900.00
Location: North Twin Lake- deeded land

Listing No. 2274
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $199,900.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake

Listing No. 2263
Bedrooms two
Listing Price: $249,000.00
Location: Pemadumcook Lake

Listing No. 2251
Listing Price: $269,000.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake

Listing No. 2279
Bedrooms 1+ loft
Listing Price: $275,000.00
Location: South Twin Lake

Listing No. 2182
Bedrooms 3
Listing Price: $375,000.00
Location: Hurd Pond, T2 R10 WELS

Listing No. 2333
Listing Price: $399,000.00
Location: McNally's Ross Stream Camps

Listing No. 2198
Bedrooms four
Listing Price: $525,000.00
Location: Deep Cove, Ambajejus Lake

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