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When we help prospective buyers locate a new home in Aroostook County, we listen carefully to your goals. What are your criteria for selecting a neighborhood, what style of house do you prefer, what price range and floor plan meet your needs? Are there any special considerations that will go into making your decision? When we have a good picture of what you want, we will go to work as the master matchmaker to find the best property on the market for your needs. Our agents succeed when they can make our buyers' goals their goals. Finding you the perfect home is a collaborative effort. The buyers communicate what they want, why they want it, and where compromise might be possible, and the agent listens carefully and selects the homes that come as close as possible to meeting the needs expressed. When there is trust and communication between you and the Real Estate Agent you are working with, miracles can happen! Creating these miracles for buyers and sellers is "Job #1" for us.
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