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Prospective buyers may react strongly to the way a home smells. Smoke, strong disinfectants, insecticides, kitty litter, and French fries have all been known to dampen the enthusiasm of buyers who might otherwise respond positively to a house that would meet their needs. Be sure that your home in Aroostook County passes the sniff test when it is on the market. Smoke and pets are the biggest offenders. Consider a temporary smoking ban in your home while your home is on the market. If you have a cat box, be meticulous about cleaning it. If your new puppy has ruined a chair, get rid of the chair. There are cleaning services which specialize in odor removal. They may suggest carpet steaming and other techniques to remove the offensive odor. Even if buyers smoke themselves or have pets, they will react differently to the same odors lingering in a home they are considering.
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